Are you looking for a convenient and efficient tool that meets even the highest demands? Check us out! In this section you will find air wrenches of various technical parameters, such as impact frequency, maximum torque range, type of impact mechanism, working pressure or compressed air demand. So you can easily choose the right impact wrench for your specific job. You can also buy practical sets of impact sockets, which will allow you to use the tool for various applications. For the most demanding users we have prepared fully functional sets for vulcanizers and mechanics. All possibilities in one place - the choice is yours!

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Air wrenches are undoubtedly the most popular impact tools, used daily by professionals from the automotive, construction, and manufacturing industries. They also arouse more and more interest among automotive and DIY enthusiasts who want to professionally equip their garage or home workshop. That's why we made sure that in the wide range of Airpress air tools every user will find a quiet, lightweight and powerful air wrench that fully meets their needs.

The superiority of air wrenches over electric ones have not needed convincing for a long time. It has been verified by practice and confirmed by the opinions of professionals who use them for the most demanding work in difficult conditions. No electric impact wrench, whether battery-powered or mains-powered, can match the capacity and durability of its counterparts powered by compressed air. They also have the advantage of being lighter, which makes them more comfortable to use and allows them to work faster and longer without putting too much strain on the operator. However, choosing a good air wrench is not a simple matter. On the surface, they all look alike, and what determines their real quality is out of sight. We have developed the functionality of our impact wrenches to perfection. Explore our definition of utility value!

Best air wrenches for everyone

All of our air wrenches are convenient and user-friendly, regardless of their destination and the technical parameters adapted to it. The composite materials used in their production have allowed us to reduce the weight of the tools to a minimum. As a result, the user's hands and wrists do not tire too quickly, which allows for longer work cycles. This is of great importance for the safety and health of the operator if the tool is frequently used in continuous operation, as are the non-slip handles that we install on all models. In addition, lightweight impact wrenches are much easier to maneuver, making work even more comfortable. This is appreciated not only by professionals but also by do-it-yourselfers of various specializations who are just beginning their adventure with pneumatic equipment.

Composite tools are also highly resistant to a variety of external influences, which adds to their practical advantages. Unlike metal, composite materials are not as susceptible to ambient temperatures, so they don't heat up in the sun or cool down in the cold. This allows you to avoid many unpleasantries when the device comes into contact with the operator's hands. Above all, however, the composite housing guarantees the durability and long life of our air wrenches. These tools are resistant to moisture and therefore do not corrode and require little maintenance. As an internally reinforced and externally shielded material, composite is extremely resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage such as scratches, dings, and falls.

With Airpress air impact wrenches you can work lightly and freely without worrying about your safety and that of your tools!

Bi-directional air wrenches with torque adjustment

The Airpress impact wrenches are equipped with convenient direction and rotation control switches. Thanks to them you can quickly and efficiently adjust the tools to the current task. This function is particularly useful when removing severely seized screws, which are usually loosened in stages and alternately (right-left). Each model is additionally equipped with a torque regulator. This mechanism is particularly important for wrenches with very high torque. The enormous force that a powerful air wrench can generate at the start is an advantage when working on seized screws or during production assembly. However, it can prove destructive during lighter construction and disassembly work. The lack of adjustability of this parameter may cause damage to smaller or more delicate parts, as well as tearing off the head of the thread or the screw.

In view of these dangers, it is often recommended to buy two wrenches designed for work with different requirements. However, this is not very convenient in practice and is also expensive. Novices, on the other hand, are advised to carefully and sensibly choose a tool according to their needs. Unfortunately, this approach significantly limits the user's options in the future, when their needs change and the equipment turns out to be too weak for more intensive and forceful work.

Thanks to their adjusting mechanisms, our air wrenches are versatile tools that allow you to work with precision in a wide variety of conditions. Choose a single, universal tool and gain full control over its power!

Different types of impact mechanisms

On the market you can find air wrenches equipped with different types of impact mechanisms. The kind of mechanism determines to a large extent the functionality and purpose of the tool. In order to give our customers the widest possible spectrum of possibilities and full freedom of choice, we have included in our offer models using three types of impact mechanisms.

  • The TWIN HAMMER CLUTCH (also called PIN CLUTCH) impact mechanism is used in tools designed for short work cycles. It is based on two hardened steel pins which move at a very fast rate. The impact force is much lighter, but the mechanism allows for a rapid increase in impact torque at high values. This type of impact was used, for example, in our short 1" impact wrench.
  • The JUMBO HAMMER impact mechanism is used in more powerful tools for industrial applications. It relies on a single hammer rotating around a spindle to achieve high torque, but only for short cycles. You'll find it in our compact 1/2" impact wrench, among others.
  • The TWIN HAMMER impact mechanism is used in high performance tools for continuous use. Thanks to two simultaneously moving ring hammers, the tool can not only generate huge torque just after starting, but also maintain the impact force during longer work cycles. You'll find this type of impact wrench in our ultra-light 1/2" impact wrench and 3/4" impact wrench with plugin nipple, among others.

With Airpress versatile and extremely comprehensive range of air wrenches, there is a tool to suit every user's needs. Choose your model today!

Strong air wrenches for wheels

Although air-powered impact wrenches are widely used in various industries and service activities, by far the greatest demand for these tools is in the automotive industry. In common parlance, an air impact wrench is a powerful wrench for wheels. It is precisely for loosening and tightening that it is usually bought by less advanced users as well. However, a wrench for passenger cars should have different technical specifications than a tool for large trucks. That is why we have included in our offer different models of impact wrenches for wheels, designed for specialized applications.

The functionality of an air impact wrench, of course, depends mostly on the force with which it is able to loosen and tighten screws and other connecting parts. The higher the maximum torque of the wrench, the better job it will do. The tool will be able to handle even very tight or seized screws without any problems. However, passenger cars are among the least problematic vehicles in this respect - a wrench with a maximum torque of about 1500 Nm will suffice to work freely on this type of vehicle. Another issue is the safety of the rims, which can only be ensured with the right impact sockets. That's why we recommend our vulcanizer set for car repair and vulcanization workshops as well as for home garages. It contains all the optimum solutions for working on passenger cars: a professional air impact wrench for wheels with a maximum torque of 1800 Nm and 6 teflon-coated impact sockets for wheels and rims, both steel and aluminum.

Trucks and agricultural machines are much more demanding. Both assembly and disassembly of wheels on these types of vehicles require air wrenches with much higher maximum torques - the minimum necessary is 3800-4000 Nm. Among professional users working on larger and heavier machines on a daily basis, our air impact wrench 1" with extended shank has a high reputation, being able to loosen screws with a force of up to 4150 Nm. It is a powerful tool with an additionally reinforced clutch mechanism that can easily handle the most demanding workpieces.

Enjoy the freedom of choice, without fear of quality and safety. Work with Airpress air impact wrenches!